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Ilha Grande Adventure
Trekking around Ilha Grande


It's not a mistake when you write Ilhagrande ADVENTURE as the name of the company. For sure the name is suitable to perform the greatest adventure of trekking on Ilha Grande, held in its essence a tour of the island ON FOOT.

Carlos Olmo, the experienced traveler who has walked through the 5 continents, describes: ".... Take a walk around the island through mountains, rivers, reaching incredible beaches after walking through the jungle trails, many centennial, made this an exceptional experience of this adventure ... "

On this expedition along the route, participants will be beneficiated of the fabulous gift that nature gives us, will walk through path used by Indians and settlers, will be involved in a mystic atmosphere, learning a bit about pirates history, slaves and prisoners, observe caiçaras communities in a somewhat primitive and witness traces of human existence about 3000 years ago.

When you go through the path, you'll find trees, plants, flowers, insects, birds and some animals, but you will also discover how your mind begins to work in harmony with your body and the environment reaching a high-capacity physical condition, breathing deeply, enjoying the achievement of each stage, tasting the meal with great pleasure, remembering the day that has just finished the landscape you have captured with your eyes and lens of your camera, for sure you are going to sleep tired and waiting anxiously the new day that will come.

When you have finished, you'll still take with you the memories that persists for some days in your mind and for several times will insist on taking you back there. As a lasting effect of magic, you have found the spell of the Ilha Grande.

The Proposal
To participate in a Trekking Around the Island by Ilhagrande Adventure for 5 days and 4 nights, walking average 6 to 7 hours a day, being conduced by expert local guides (we don't work with guides that are not accredited by IEF/State Park of Ilha Grande), overnight in lodges, ranches and camping, meals included (*see bellow). Maximum of
10 participants.

The Departure - start
It's better for the participant to arrive at least one day before the departure from Vila do Abraão to join a meeting with the guide. At your discretion, we can include accommodation.

02 nights of lodging in pousada.
01 night of lodging at rustic home in shared rooms, bed linen included.
01 night of lodging in camping area (Iglu tent for 2 people).
Maritime transfer from Aventureiro to Parnaioca.
Breakfast for 4 days.
Track snack kit for 5 days and dinner for 4 nights.
Expert guide attendance, registered in Embratur / throught the State Park of Ilha Grande - IEF.

Not Included
Transfer from the mainland to Vila do Abrão, lodging at Vila do Abraão, meals (except those mentioned), drinks, extras, accident insurance to cover medical expenses, output and transfer to the mainland and any other task that has not been expressly mentioned as included.

General Conditions
- Trekking's subject to be confirmed according to availability.
- Itinerary may be changed due to climatic factors, access or any other adversity that may interfere with safety or participants well being.

The described itinerary is implemented according to the specific conditions set by the #161 Normative, 09th August, 1985 from EMBRATUR.

Cancellation and refunds
90% up to 30 days prior to travel date
80% up to 21 days prior to travel date
50% up to 7 days prior to travel date
No refunds for less than 7 days prior to travel date

Price in BRL (R$) per participant and Payment Conditions


For all of this, we Ilhagrande Adventure guarantee that you will live a
great adventure as lived our friend Carlos Olmo