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Ilha Grande offers 106 beaches, each one with a different attraction due to the extravagant geography of the island, which combines diverse elements to obtain a wide variety of landscapes.

We can group the beaches in different styles and groups:

The most popular and visited beaches are those set place in Abraão Bay, and because of their proximity with the village they receive the larger number of the visitors. They are Abraão, Canto, Júlia, Comprida, Bica, Crena, Guaxuma e Abraãozinho. They have calm green water and dense vegetation.

Walking west from the Abraão village we arrive at Preta beach, with its black sand, from which its name is taken.

This beaches compound the portion turned to continent and because of that their water is very calm, with transparent greens and turquoises. We can mention many more like Feiticeira, Japariz, Freguesia de Santana, Saco do Céu, Funil and the famous Lagoa Azul (Blue Lagoon), where the transparent turquoise remember a natural pool. More west we can find Enseada do Bananal, Sítio Forte, Lagoa Verde, Araçatiba, among others.

There is another group of beaches with very different characteristics. They are turned to Atlantic Ocean, where the water is blue and the waves are high. There is a great variety of tones of blues, from intense to the transparent of the famous Lopes Mendes and the “caribean” Aventureiro beach. Dois Rios, Santo Antônio e Caxadaço have unforgettable beauty, and because of it the visit is obligated.

There are beaches of all types and sizes. By now we invite you to visit our Photography Album and we expect for your visit very soon in the company of the people who most know the island, the Ilhagrande Adventure Team.