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Ilha Grande is located in the State of Rio de Janeiro and is part of the district of Angra dos Reis.

It has 192 km2 of area, mostly covered by a huge and dense tropical forest , one of the most important remainings of Mata Atlântica (Brazilian Atlantic Moist Forest). It is protected by different government organisations for preservation, which allowed to keep intact a significant part of its territory.

There are formations like Pedra D'água (Stone of Water), the highest peak of the island with 1037 meters and the Pico do Papagaio (Parrot Peak), whose name was inspired in its form. To reach the Papagaio´s top is just one of the many adventures where you can test you r limits in the island; the effort is worth it : a 300 degrees sight of the island.

There are 86 beaches and many other landscapes, offering a great variety of transparent greens in the coast that faces the continent, and intense blues in the face turned to open sea.

In every little piece of the island you can breath a fine and pure air while you hear incredible legends of Indians, shipwrecks and pirates who used to hide their treasures in the jungle.

Come to see us and discover the most charming beaches in South America. Ilha Grande has a lot to offer: pure and virgin nature, transparent waters and desert beaches, mountains and jungles, exotic flowers, colorful birds, monkeys, sea turtles and dolphins swimming freely, everything in just one place, in just one destiny, with an adequate infrastructure to allow you an excellent stay.

Vila do Abraão, known as the “capital” of Ilha Grande, is waiting for you.

If you have visited Ilha Grande you know that everything we sa y is true. If you only know this paradise by photographs or internet, don´t wait any longer and book your holidays w ith us to begin to live your particular “Ilha Grande Adventure 2003-2005”.