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Ilhagrande Adventure is a specialized company of tour operations in Ilha Grande, Angra dos Reis / Rio de Janeiro / Brazil.

Our objective is to promote ecological and adventure tourism in the island working together with the local people in order to guarantee the sustainable development of the town, beyond motivating the environmental education for both tourists and local community, expecting to reduce the impact of tourism on this wonderful paradise.

The Company was founded in 2003. However we count with the experience of professionals specialized in tourismwho love the island and placed the company on the top of the technology of information, starting from this technological base ILHAGRANDE ADVENTURE that built its pillars for an international diffusion and to offer a quick, sure and transparent operation to the foreign visitors, being these individual tourists that want to know the island or emissive travel agencies.

When hiring our services you are operating with a properly registered company at Embratur (Brazilian Institute of Tourism). You will be also dealing with a team with family roots in the island, we have lived here since childhood, therefore Ilhagrande Adventure knows a lot about the island and the modern tourist's necessities.


We have our main office in Sao Paulo’s State and and we maintain strong partnership of representation by local business.

We know all your expectations and current necessities before you leave your home, because besides the personalized attention, we have multi-languages talker attendants that offer information to those who consult the Portal and the Tourist Guide of Ilha Grande in Internet.

If you want to know more about us or our company send your doubts to: info@ilhagrandeadventure.com

You can also know more about the island and accommodations in Ilha Grande going to: